Christer Lindqvist

CEO (b. 1956)
CEO since 2020

Christer is a mining engineer from the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm and for the past five years has been Chair of the Board and CEO of a number of companies, including Copperstone Resources AB and Nordic Iron Ore AB. He has 15 years of experience from exploration and mining development, and over 30 years of experience from construction projects and industrial development.

Christer Lindqvist holds, directly and via companies, 767 555 556 shares, TO4 – 41 250 000, issued call options 12 500 000.

Christer is not independent in relation to major shareholders.

Paul Johnsson

CFO (b. 1971)

Paul has a master's degree in economics from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Umeå University. He is a former CEO, and before that CFO, at Sotkamo Silver AB (publ.), with more than ten years’ experience from mining and mining exploration companies, including as a Controller at Endomines AB (publ).

Paul Johnsson holds 3 884 707 shares and 1 187 500 TO4.

Rob Hellingwerf

ChIef Geologist (B. 1954)

Rob has a PhD in ore geology from the University of Amsterdam, and has been a Professor of Economic Geology at the University of Gothenburg, and a Professor of Applied Geology at Luleå University of Technology. Since 1999, he has been responsible for education in the geology, ore geology and economic geology subject areas at Bergsskolan in Filipstad. He is a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists and a certified European Geologist.

Rob holds 666 666 shares in the company.

Ulf Storeng

Technical Manager (b. 1953)

Ulf graduated as a mining engineer at Luleå University of Technology in 1977, and has worked for LKAB in Kiruna for almost 30 years, both in R&D and as Production Manager, primarily in ore processing. He was employed in Dannemora in 2011 as Mining Manager, and later worked as Technical Manager. Since January 2021, he has been employed by Dannemora Group AB.

Ulf Storeng holds no shares in the company.

Michael Meyer

Mining Technical Director (b. 1960)

Michael comes most recently from the technical consulting company AFRY, as Group Manager for the rock section, with responsibility for rock technical investigations, expert support and inspections. Michael has solid theoretical and practical experience from mines in Germany, such as rock mechanic education at Preussag AG in Germany and a degree from Bergskolan Clausthal Zellerfeld. He has previous experience of the Dannemora mine as, among other things, head of preparation during the years 2011–2015, and as such possesses practical and theoretical knowledge of the mine - a knowledge that is very important in the ongoing project studies.

Michael Meyer holds 500 000 shares in the company through his own or family holdings.