GRANGEX Dannemora will be the first producer of high-quality iron ore concentrate in the EU, and with the smallest carbon footprint.

GRANGEX Dannemora intends to restart the Dannemora mine in Östhammar municipality.

GRANGEX’s goal fulfilment is achieved through a comprehensive set of requirements during project development, so that all equipment and all production methods are – to the extent practicable – aimed at eliminating carbon dioxide emissions.

All input products, such as hydraulic oils, lubricating oils and the like, shall be fossil-free.



GRANGEX Dannemora mine plans to restart production of iron ore in the Dannemora mine. The subsequent enrichment process is adapted to meet the expected large increase in demand for iron ore concentrates with iron contents above 67%, which is primarily emerging from the environmentally sustainable conversion of the fully integrated steelworks in Europe.

The geographical location of GRANGEX Dannemora mine is unique from a European point of view, with access to two alternative export ports within a distance of 40-90 km, and as such is the iron ore producer that is closest to the larger integrated European steelworks.




Dannemora Geology

A description of Dannemora's iron ore geology by Rob Hellingwerf, Chief Geologist.

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Dannemora’s History

Dannemora mines, in Dannemora in Uppland, has documented mining from the 15th century until 2015, then mainly as iron ore mines.

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Technichal reports

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