The document includes a general description of the planned activities and a preliminary description of the currently assessed additional environmental consequences as well as the investigations that are intended to be carried out.

Invitation to Consultation

Extraction of apatite from the sand reservoir JanMatts – Grängesberg

Grängesberg Exploration AB (the Company), which is a subsidiary of Grängesberg Exploration Holding AB (Publ), intends to excavate the old beneficiation sand in the Jan Mattsdammen sand reservoir and the unenriched sand in a process facility in the old GP plant within the Lomberg industrial area. The sand storage facility Jan-Matts dam is located just south of Grängesberg’s community and directly next to the Bergslagsbanan and national highway 50.

The company plans to process and de-enrich the material in order to recover phosphorus (apatite) and iron (magnetite). The material also contains rare earth minerals. The sand reservoir is estimated to have a volume of approx. 1.5 Mbm of enrichment sand from the previous mining operation. Phosphorus is defined by the EU as a critical material for the production of artificial fertilizer products for agriculture. There is a very large demand for circular raw materials in the fertilizer industry and the steel industry. Both products are deemed to meet high quality and environmental requirements.

Through this invitation, the company informs about the plans and invites those particularly affected, the public, authorities and interest organizations to consultations according to ch. 6. Sections 29-31 of the Environmental Code regarding the upcoming application for a permit according to Chapters 9 and 11 of the Environmental Code for enrichment operations and associated water operations. The trial may also affect certain Seveso operations.

Consultation meeting will be held on 14 June 2022 at 18.00 in the auditorium of Cassels Donation in Grängesberg (Bergsmansvägen 33, 772 40 Grängesberg) for those particularly affected and other interested parties. Those particularly affected will be invited via letter, where the consultation document is also attached.

A physical consultation document describing the company’s plans can be read at the Library in Grängesberg (address Stationshuset Grängesberg Kopparbergsvägen 55A772 30 Grängesberg) and can also be downloaded via the company’s website

Consultation documents can also be sent to individuals if desired. The company welcomes written comments on the consultation document to be submitted via e-mail or via post to Grängesberg Exploration AB, Sandhamnsgatan 48A, 115 60 Stockholm. Views are gratefully received no later than June 21, 2022. As the company wishes to give everyone the same information and document the process, the company would like all communication with the company to be in writing.

Contact persons:

Christer Lindqvist, Managing Director, Grängesberg Exploration AB, 070-59 10 483,

Henning Holmström, project manager environment, Grängesberg Exploration AB, 070-86 23 770,

Mikael Berglund, legal representative, Fröberg and Lundholm Advokatbyrå AB, 070-605 94 22