GRANGEX is a sustainable mineral development company whose goal is to eliminate emissions of carbon dioxide and thereby become the first carbon dioxide-free iron ore producer. We want to be part of Europe’s future and take great responsibility for ensuring a sustainable future for both society and the environment.


The global goals have been drawn up by the UN so that the countries of the world can work together and jointly try to achieve them by 2030. Since sustainable mining is the core of GRANGEX’s operations, we want to contribute what we can to the goals being achieved. By minimizing our climate footprint, we have succeeded in achieving four of the global goals.

  • 100% electric mining production and logistics that reduce the CO2 footprint
  • High-quality iron ore optimized for DRI use suitable for fossil-free steel production
  • Ongoing work where we aim for zero emissions throughout the value chain 100% treatment of all processed water
  • Established management systems to assess, avoid, reduce and monitor negative impacts on the environment


Sweden’s environmental goals are a national initiative to fulfill the global sustainability goals from an environmental perspective. This means that Sweden has taken responsibility for implementing the global goals on a national level, to promote sustainable development on all fronts, including the environment. Sweden’s environmental goals consist of 16 different environmental quality goals that can be applied to different industries. Below are the goals that can be applied to GRANGEX: