Sala Bly has a long and proud tradition of manufacturing lead products in Sala.

The mining of silver in the Sala silver mine started in the 15th century. For a long time, it was one of the world’s most important silver mines. In 1879, they began to take advantage of the lead content in the ore, and since then this has been a core operation. The company specialises in lead products, and is one of the leaders in the world. Sala Bly manufactures a wide range of products, both standard and customer-specific, in small or large batches.

In 2021, it was decided to restructure the business so that production takes place fossil-free, as far as possible. In practical terms, this means that Sala Bly is switching from heating and smelting with fossil fuel oil to heating with hot air pumps and smelting with RME. The transport vehicle will be changed to a hybrid car.

All lead used in Sala Bly’s products is recycled lead, primarily from recycled car batteries.


Sala Bly’s products range consists of a wide range of lead products, developed and manufactured with 140 years of industrial experience. Examples of products are ammunition wire, anodes, cast products, rolled sheets, plates, radiation protection, bricks, bars, pipes, tin products, hammers, fillings, counterweights etc.

Sala Bly has a large number of standard products, and can manufacture customised products according to wishes and specifications.