GRANGEX ensures that mining operations have a positive impact on society and the local population. The goal is to create sustainable development for society and at the same time ensure that mining operations do not harm people’s lives or the environment.


The global goals have been drawn up by the UN so that the countries of the world should work together and jointly try to achieve them by 2030. Since sustainable mining is the core of GRANGEX’s operations, we want to contribute what we can to the goals being achieved. By taking our responsibility and promoting the local community, we have succeeded in achieving three of the global goals.

  • GRANGEX will protect the community by having a functioning system for interacting with stakeholders as well as handling potential complaints.
  • The operation of the mine will have significant benefits for the local community and surrounding area by providing job opportunities as well as possible collaborations with local businesses. Valuable local knowledge and skills and respect for cultural, political and social diversity.