GRANGEX currently has three active operations in Sweden, GRANGEX Dannemora, the Apatite project in Grängesberg and Sala Bly. The goal and vision is that all operations should contribute to the sustainable transformation of European society, with the aim of the lowest carbon footprint within the mineral extraction industry, by using the best available technologies (BAT).

GRANGEX Dannemora

GRANGEX Dannemora is to become the first producer of high-quality iron ore concentrate in the European Union, with the smallest carbon footprint.


GRANGEX Apatite is to be the first fossil-free producer of high-quality phosphorus minerals, apatite, for, among other things, the fertilizer industry and the food industry.

Sala Bly

Sala Bly has a long and proud tradition of manufacturing lead products in Sala. Sala Bly manufactures a wide range of products, both standard and customer-specific in small or large series.